Camping and Camps

Our company undertakes to cover all or part of the operation of a Camp, covering the needs corresponding to both the required personnel and logistical support.


Each camping program undertaken by our team is based on Team Dynamics, Play (theatrical and sports), Colour, Music and Humour. We thus prepare tomorrow’s active citizen and fellow human being by cultivating and developing skills such as creativity, solidarity , expression, communication, aesthetic education, environmental awareness, interpersonal intelligence, emotional shielding and above all… Love for Life!


We undertake the supply of the materials required to meet the needs of catering, cleaning, and maintenance. We secure materials for the implementation of educational and recreational programs and activities scheduled at the Camp. Always keeping in mind, the best possible quality, we select those materials that will appropriately support the Camp.

The most important part of our services, however, includes the provision of specialized and experienced personnel according to the needs of each organization. More specifically, our company is ready at any time to fully undertake any part of organization or operation that concerns the Camp and to put at its service an excellent team of associates, which includes a variety of specialties such as:

  • Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Lifeguard
  • Gymnasts
  • Animators
  • Art teachers
  • Music teachers
  • Theatre teachers
  • Medical team
  • Cooks
  • Supporting Staff

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