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The Methodology of DRASIS CAMP includes: Goal setting, General Planning, Detailed Planning of each day, specific methodology, specialized personnel, adaptation to the spatial-temporal and other data of each program and continuous support of the trainers.

  • Experiential Education – Team Dynamics
  • Special sports activities in natural environment
  • Creation – Expression – Entertainment


The philosophy of our team is to contribute to the all-round development of the children's personality through the implementation of activities with a specific methodology, based on team dynamics. The design of the experiential programs and the curriculum is based on the cultivation of critical thinking, aesthetic education, the improvement of the socio-emotional state of children and the transmission – through pleasant activities – of the values of mutual respect, solidarity, love for life and self-esteem, with the main goal of the balanced development of their mental and psychosomatic forces. By participating in the activities specially designed for each age by our team, children get to know themselves, develop their personality, cultivate strong bonds of friendship, learn to collaborate, communicate and express themselves creatively.


The training is based on an experiential approach per group and includes elements of learning through practice and observation. The experiential method seeks the active participation of children in learning by considering important the emotional reactions, questions and queries of the children that are freely discussed in the group. In this way children get to know themselves, develop their personality, learn to cooperate, communicate and express themselves creatively.

Experiential education also includes environmental education, which forms a culture and ethos oriented towards the environment and its protection, towards the realization that it is an individual and collective responsibility. With excursions and walks, children will approach the natural environment, feel the well-being and harmony it offers and at the same time receive stimuli, learn new things and gain unique experiences.
Trainers help children explore their potential, use their abilities and work in a team spirit. Special emphasis is placed so that children are discharged from school activities. At the same time, they will be trained in practical issues that will be beneficial to them throughout their lives such as:

  1. First aid
  2. Traffic education courses
  3. Nutrition courses
  4. Basics of living and orientation in the countryside


With the special sports activities, they will gain knowledge and familiarity from experienced instructors in sports such as mountaineering, archery, traditional mountain games, etc. The basketball, football, swimming camps and championships will enable children to develop their motor and mental skills while at the same time adopting attitudes and behaviors that will help them in the all-round formation of their personality.


This includes crafts, artistic, music, theatrical play, dance lessons, which enable children to develop their imagination creatively and express their emotional world. Also, through evening entertainment with the appropriate guidance, they will rejoice and laugh, sometimes improvising and sometimes participating in organized activities.