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Terms of use – Privacy and Security Policy


DRASISCAMP respects the personal privacy of each user of the Website. For this reason, we have created this page so that each user can be informed about the information that DRASISCAMP may collect and how DRASISCAMP may use it, as well as information about the actions that the user of the Website must take if he or she does not want his or her personal information to be collected or further processed during his or her visit to the Website.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new regulatory framework of the European Union (EU) in the area in question. The purpose of the law is to establish the conditions for the processing of personal data to protect the rights and freedoms of natural persons, in particular the right to the protection of personal data.

Data processing manager

The company with the distinctive name DRASISCAMP, email info@drasiscamp.eu, tel: 2152159900, website: drasiscamp.eu as legally represented, informs that, for the purposes of carrying out its business activities, it processes personal data of its customers in accordance with the applicable national legislation and the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter “Regulation”) as applicable.

For any matter relating to the processing of personal data, you may contact the Data Protection Department (DPO) and the administrator who is the Data Protection Officer, at the following telephone number: 2155010668.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Contact forms

On our site you will find contact forms to make it easy for you to send us messages! The only data we use from these forms is your email address and your full name, for the sole purpose of replying to your message – we don’t want to be rude :).

Participation forms

On our site you will find participation forms for various activities and programs we organize and forms for expressing interest in jobs in our company. The data you give us through these forms are used only for your participation in the programs you have registered. If you express interest in a job in our company, this data is retained until a position arises in which your qualifications match. In case you do not wish this to happen, you must notify us either in the corresponding fields of each form or by sending an email to info@drasiscamp.eu and we will delete your data within a short period of time (indicatively 1-2 months).

Content from other websites

Within our site there is likely to be content from other websites (e.g., videos, images, articles, etc.) DRASISCAMP also has social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. How you interact with this content and what data you send to these Websites is not up to us, but up to the websites themselves. Essentially, it’s just as if you were visiting these sites! If for example you have an account on one of these sites, then the data collection is based on what you have chosen in the settings of your account there.

DRASISCAMP does not collect personal data from the users who use these platforms to communicate with DRASISCAMP. Furthermore, DRASISCAMP does not and cannot exercise control regarding the type and extent of personal data collected and stored by the social networking platforms and is not responsible for the collection and processing of personal data carried out by them. For more information about the collection and use of personal data by sites such as Facebook and Instagram, you should visit the privacy policy page of each platform.

Send bulk newsletters

By subscribing to the DRASISCAMP newsletter, you expressly agree to the use of the data you give us to inform you about the various actions we organize such as:


  • Educational actions
  • Events
  • Educational programs or products

You can unsubscribe from the list of newsletter recipients at any time you wish. You can subscribe to our newsletter at any time, at any time you wish.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the sending of mass newsletters at any time. Each newsletter sent to you by DRASISCAMP has an unsubscribe button at the bottom of it.

By clicking this button, you can request not to receive newsletters from DRASISCAMP. Please be advised that withdrawing your consent will not affect the lawfulness of the consent-based processing prior to its withdrawal.

Who we share your data with

All data that comes to us is not shared in any way with third parties for profit. Third-party companies that offer specific services only have access to the data necessary to implement those services. For example, we use automation software for the purpose of sending bulk emails and SMS as well as payment services (AlphaBank, Eurobank, Paypal). Also, data may be shared anonymously with the Google Analytics platform for traffic analysis purposes.

Visitor Analysis

In some cases, technical information that is not personally identifiable may be automatically collected (e.g., not through registration) when a user visits or uses the Site. Examples of this type of information that may be collected include the type of Internet Browser used by the user, the type of computer operating system used by the user to visit the Website and the domain name of the website used by the user to connect to the Website and the length of time spent on a page. Such data is used by us to update our content based on the preferences of our visitors and to keep us up to date on what you are interested in! Under no circumstances is this data linked to your other personal data or stored by us in any way.

How long we keep your data

The data you give us about your participation in our programs is kept until you tell us to delete it. The process of deletion is very simple, simply by sending an email to info@drasisccamp.eu The only exception is any cases where legislation requires the deletion or retention of specific data at/for specific periods of time.


Our website uses cookies to better serve you during your visit to our site. These cookies do not store your personal data, only information that is used to analyze the traffic on our site.

The site may use cookies to identify the visitor/user of some of its services and pages. The site and connected applications use cookies.

A cookie is a file containing an identification code (a sequence of numbers and letters) that is sent from a server to a browser where it is stored. Each time the browser requests a page from the server, the identification code is sent back to the server.

Cookies can be either persistent or session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored by the browser and remain active either until they expire or until the user deletes them. Those that relate to a single session expire when the connection is terminated as soon as the browser is switched off (closed).

In cooperation with our trusted partners, we use cookies for the following purposes:


  1. Mandatory Cookies

We use these cookies to ensure optimal functionality of the website in the following:

  • Identify users who have browsed the site at least once more or are registered members of the site and allow them to be presented with a personalized version of the site.
  • Eliminate the need for users who have entered the site once to re-enter information necessary to better navigate the site.
  • Communicate with our site through a series of contact and information forms.


  1. Functional Cookies

We use these cookies to measure the usage behavior of visitors to our website to optimize it. By using web analytics provided by Google Analytics, we can analyze the pages visited by users and other statistics (e.g., time spent on the page, website from which they came, number of pages per visit, etc.) and through these we can provide optimized content on the website (based on the interests of users). We also use the statistics to capture user desires and define our advertising strategy based on them.

  1. Cookies from other websites and Behaviorally Targeted Advertising Cookies (third party):

On the pages of the website there are cookies that are not directly related to the website but to partners, advertisers, or sponsors.

When you visit a page containing data from other sites such as YouTube or Facebook, these sites use their own cookies on your device/browser you are visiting with. The site does not control these cookies or have access to them in the way cookies work (only those who created them have access to the cookies). Please check the policy of these sites for more information regarding these cookies.

Behaviorally Targeted Advertising Cookies store users’ preferences about the services they have browsed to display relevant advertisements on third-party websites according to their interests.

If for any reason you do not wish to receive ‘cookies’ you will need to modify your browser settings accordingly to either notify you of the use of cookies or not allow their use. You should note that any settings that do not allow the use of ‘cookies’ may affect the way and/or the ability of the website to provide services, facilities, or certain functions. Failure to make such settings is understood as acceptance of the reception and storage of ‘cookies’ by the website.

A cookie with a unique identification code (a sequence of numbers and letters) is stored on the hard disk of the website user during his/her visit by AT Internet. For more information click here: https://www.atinternet.com/en/company/data-protection/data-collection-on-our-customers-sites/.


Some pages/advertisements may use Adobe Flash Player to deliver video content or advertisements to users. Adobe uses its own cookies which are not managed by your device’s browser but are managed by Flash Player for similar purposes such as storing preferences or storing information about users. flash cookies work differently to other cookies as all information is stored in one cookie. You can control how much information can be stored in these cookies, but you cannot control the type of information stored in them. You can control which sites can store information through the website storage settings panel on the Adobe site.

How can I manage or stop the use of cookies?

Many users find the idea of using data intrusive to their personal data, especially when the use of this data is done by third parties. For example, you may object to the use of your information (which has been derived from your browsing history on a website) to conduct an advertising campaign. If you wish to prevent the use of cookies during your browsing you can do so by following these steps, knowing that this will affect the functionality of the website.

You can delete cookies that have been created from your hard drive.

You can also change the preferences/settings in the web browser you use. In some cases, you can accept cookies from certain sites and block the creation of third party cookies. In others you can block cookies from specific advertisers. You should be aware that deleting or blocking cookies may reduce the functionality of the site you are browsing. For more information in relation to cookies you can visit www.allaboutcookies.org or go to the help menu within the browser used. If you experience problems deleting or blocking cookies from the browser, you are using contact your browser provider.

In the links below you can find information on how to prevent the use or delete cookies from your browser.

Firefox 2.0+ / 3.0+ / 4.0+/8.0+

Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0+

Internet Explorer (IE) 11.0+

Google Chrome



Delete Performance Analysis Cookies:

If you wish to delete such cookies, please click here [Google Analytics: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout]