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DRASIS CAMP I.K.E. provides camping services, organization of training seminars and creative summer activity programs, as they are ensured by the implementation of a Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The Quality Management System is established and operated in the Company with a view to continuous improvement.

In this context, the Company monitors developments in the field in order to be able to provide effective services that ensure the satisfaction of customer expectations as well as legislative and regulatory requirements.

For the company the concept of quality includes:

  • The camper’s satisfaction, their parents and the institutions that fund them,
  • Safety, health, and environmentally responsible management of all activities of each project undertaken,
  • Use of staff, team leaders, community leaders and partners characterized by years of experience, high sense of responsibility, continuous training,
  • Compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations.

The Administrator is, among other things, responsible for the continuous and proper implementation of the Quality Management System. The Quality Manager is authorized to prepare, implement, and maintain the Quality Management System, is responsible for resolving all problems relating to the quality of the services provided and for communicating with customers on any matter relating to quality.

The company’s objectives include:

  • A high degree of satisfaction of children and their parents as well as the organizations from the services provided,
  • Expansion of business and enlargement of the clientele,
  • Safety, hygiene, and respect for the environment

For the monitoring of the Quality Objectives, Quality Indicators are defined which are monitored by the Quality Manager and at regular intervals, in the context of the Quality Management System Reviews.

The progress of the indicators reflects the degree of achievement of the objectives and may lead to modifications of the Quality Management System.

The Management of the company is committed to provide all the necessary resources for the implementation and effective operation of the Quality System. DRASIS CAMP I.K.E. is committed to take all actions necessary to improve the health and safety conditions to ensure the protection of the life and health of employees, including suppliers, subcontractors, and visitors to the Company’s facilities, as defined by the applicable provisions of Greek and European legislation.

The basis for the Company’s policy is:

  • The assessment of risks and the taking of the necessary measures to control them.
  • The preparation of programs of preventive action and improvement of working conditions.
  • The maintenance and monitoring of the safe operation of equipment and facilities.
  • Respecting legislative requirements, standards, and internal guidelines.
  • Open and transparent communication and continuous and appropriate education on all matters relating to health and safety.

The goal of DRASIS CAMP I.K.E. is to perform all work to the best requirements in quality and time, without accident or incident that would harm human health. The health and safety of employees is the concern of all those involved in the Company’s activities and depends above all on us.

The strategy of DRASIS CAMP I.K.E. to reduce the risk of its activities is based on the prevention of the creation of dangerous situations, detection and immediate elimination of the dangerous situations that are created.